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Wrapped Carbon


Wrapped Carbon Tubes

Wrapped Carbon Tubes

Roll-wrapping involves the applying of resin pre-impregnated fiber cloth (Pre-Preg) around a mandrel. The outer diameter of the mandrel determines the inner diameter of the final tube. The mandrel and cloth are then spiral wrapped with a consolidation tape under tension to hold the laminate in place during the curing phase. After curing, the mandrel is extracted to leave the tube ready for machining or finishing as necessary.

The advantages of wrapped carbon tubes (small batches, custom profiles, and tapering) make them ideal for many types of applications. Goodwinds Composites can build mandrels specifically for the size of tube you need, and wrap tubes with varying layers of pre-preg carbon fabric to create a custom wall thickness and tube stiffness. This means that you have the option of prototyping your carbon tube design for a relatively low investment and small amount of product, and making lots of changes as you design.
Some typical applications for wrapped carbon tubes include spacers for drones, tapered ski poles and hiking sticks, drive shafts for small vehicles, and robotic arms.

We have the ability to create wrapped carbon tubes with a unidirectional fiber wrap, a square weave, a twill, a satin weave, fiberglass/carbon combinations, high-modulus carbon fabric, and so much more. We can wrap over wood dowels, fiberglass rods, or carbon rods to create a solid finished product.  The possibilities are almost endless and only limited by the size of the oven (for length) and the availability of fabric.

Goodwinds Composites would love the opportunity to work with you on a custom wrapped carbon tube for your application.  Please call and talk with Paul today at 206-632-6151.