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Typical Applications

Laminate reinforcement
Concrete reinforcement
Push rods
Conductive spacers
Trackers in pipe organs
Guitar and violin neck tensioners
Guide rails for high precision measuring equipmen

Lightweight axles
Wing stiffeners
Conveyor belt rollers
Reinforcement of bodyboards and surfboards
Robot arms
Probing equipment
Stabilizer arms for archery bows
Computer stylus

Guiders in industrial machinery
Road markers
Sturdy, all weather rope ladders
Road markers
Flag whips
Theatrical prop construction
Riding crops
Structural elements in portable displays
Conducting wands
Greenhouse structures

Probe housings
Structural elements for hammocks
Sensor equipment
Ham radio antennas
Reinforcement profiles for outdoor gear (backpacks)
Tent poles

3D Printer arms
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle spacers
Tapered ski poles
Golf shafts
RC helicopter tail booms
Fishing rods
Model glider tail booms
Shafts for kayak and stand up paddleboard paddles