Roll Wrapping|


Roll-wrapping involves the applying of resin pre-impregnated composite fiber cloth (Pre-Preg) around a mandrel. The outer diameter of the mandrel thus determines the inner diameter of the final tube. The mandrel and cloth are then spiral wrapped with a consolidation tape under tension to hold the laminate in place during the curing phase. After curing, the mandrel is extracted to leave the tube ready for machining or finishing as necessary.

Advantages of wrapping are:

Precise fiber volume fraction

The fiber comes pre-impregnated in frozen state to the tube manufacturer. Since the carbon and resin are pre-mixed in a temperature and particle controlled environment, the fiber volume fraction can be tightly controlled. This results in more consistent mechanical properties in the end product.

Small custom batches

The production process is relatively inexpensive and the Pre-Preg fabric can be used for many end products.

High degree of customization possible

The ease of adding or subtracting localized reinforcements make it possible to create custom end products to fit nearly any composite tube need.

Tapered tubes are possible

Since wrapping is not a continuous process but uses a mandrel of defined dimensions, a tapered profile can be build.

Wrapped Carbon Tubes or Wrapped Fiberglass Tubes

Carbon and fiberglass have different properties (conductivity, weight, flex, etc.); Goodwinds Composites can help you determine which product will fit your application.