Custom Cutting & Secondary Processes|

Custom Cutting & Secondary Processes

Goodwinds Composites is the industry leader in cutting composite rods and tubes.  With our years of experience and state-of-the-art saws and measuring systems, we can cut carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber tubes, fiberglass rods, and fiberglass tubes to within 1/64″ (.015″).  We are happy to cut composites purchased from Goodwinds Composites to your specifications at no charge.

We will also precision cut carbon fiber and fiberglass rods and tubes purchased or produced elsewhere for a fee.  Please contact us at 206-632-6151 for details.

Goodwinds is able to do a variety of secondary processes to carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes, including sanding, centerless grinding, drilling holes, champfering, and milling.

We are able to coil a continuous length of carbon rod up to a rod diameter of 0.125″ (any larger and the tension becomes dangerous and difficult to coil).

GW Composites can test the straightness of rods and tubes to within 0.0001 inches TIR using our laser micrometer.