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Carbon Tubes


GW Composites pultruded  carbon tubes are an excellent choice if your application requires the greatest possible stiffness in the 0 degrees, or longitudinal direction. Pultruded carbon tubes offer the greatest possible stiffness longitudinally because the fibers are unidirectionally oriented. Another benefit to our pultruded carbon is the cost efficiency. Stock diameters run from .125” to .750” and we have a variety of stock lengths to choose from. Please contact us at 360-588-4785 or if you need a custom length.

Minimum Properties
Tensile Strength 240 ksi / 1.65 GPa
Tensile Modulus 19.5 msi / 134 GPa
Ultimate Shear Strength 6.0 ksi / 41.3 Mpa
Ultimate Tensile Strain 1.40%
Flexural Strength 200 ksi / 1.37 GPa
Flexural Modulus 18.5 msi / 127 GPa
Fiber Volume 60%
Thermal Expansion Coefficient -0.1 ppm/cm3 / -0.2 ppm/°C
Density .054 lbs/in3 / 1.5 g/cm3
Diameter Tolerance +.000/-.003″
Glass Transition Temperature 100° C
Matrix Material Bisphenol Epoxy Vinyl Ester


Goodwinds carbon tubes can be used in digital stylus brushes for tablet computers and digital painting.

Blimp Works, Inc uses Goodwinds’ large-diameter carbon tubes to ensure the structural integrity of the tailfins on their blimps. Carbon tubing is ideal for this because it combines high stiffness with a low weight.

Beiter Industries, located in Dauchingen, Germany uses Goodwinds pultruded carbon tubes for bow stabilizers. Some of the best competitive archers in the world use Beiter stabilizers and travel to their state-of-the-art testing facility to match just the right product with their bows. You can learn more at their website.