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About GW Composites

Leland Holeman, President

Since 2008, Goodwinds has provided pultruded carbon and fiberglass rods and tubes, as well as filament wound epoxy tubes, for a variety of industrial and hobby applications.  Retail and wholesale customers can directly purchase any of our nearly 2000 products on our website, www.goodwinds.com for immediate shipment.  Our custom cutting and industrial supply operation has grown significantly in the past decade to make us the industry leaders in precision cutting of carbon and fiberglass composites.

In 2015, we opened our roll-wrapping operation to expand our capabilities with custom-wrapped carbon tubes and wrapped carbon overlays.  We can do almost anything when it comes to wrapped carbon tubes, from large production-level runs to small batches.

Our composites engineers truly love helping our customers find the best way to use carbon or fiberglass rods and tubes in their applications.  We are armed with years of knowledge and experience, so please give us a call. 206-632-6151